Improve your odds of winning by choosing these betting strategies for online craps

Online craps are played for fun and the excitement they offer. Players all over the world choose to play craps from authentic websites like . Here, you can get the same gaming frenzy and experience you used to get in physical casinos online from the comforts of your home. If you want to unwind playing an interesting game, definitely choose online craps.


Why did craps become this popular?

Craps is one of the most exciting gambling games ever played because the outcome of the game depends on the roll of a pair of dice. You will be in a state of frenzy and excitement until the dice stops rolling. This game is based on an English dice game called Hazard and became popular in the United States during the early 1800s.

Right now, almost all physical and online casinos offer this game. The winnings can be really high based on which bets you make. You need just the craps table and a pair of dice to start playing the game. This promises ultimate entertainment when you play it online. Analyzing the mood of the shooters and making the right bets will keep you hooked.

Staying away from bad bets

Now, when it comes to the different bets you place in the online craps game, only a handful of them give you a better chance of winning. Most of the other bets are risky in the sense that they promise greater winnings but offer a high edge to the house. If you are a safe player, you should stay away from these bets.

What are some of the bad bets

Betting on numbers like 7, 2, or 12 gives you a very low chance of winning. Horn bets and whirl bets also give the house an unfair advantage. These bets leave you with a very low probability to actually make money. The Yo bet (betting on 11) and the Hi-Lo bet (betting on 2 or12) are also considered risky bets you should avoid if you cannot afford to lose.

Choosing low-risk bets

Low-risk bets are good bets that give you a higher probability of winning. These bets give the house a lesser edge and hence the winnings are usually low or mediocre. However, you will win more if you consistently bet on these low-risk options. Many professional online and offline craps players swear by these low-risk bets and use them extensively to break even in a game.

What are some of the awesome bets to choose?

The Pass Line bet and the Come bet are two of the most popular bets that players choose to increase their odds of winning. Both these bets give the house just a 1.40% edge over the players. This means that when you bet $100, your chance of losing is just $1.4. The Don't Pass and the Don't Come bets are also equally popular.

The House edge of some of the popular bets

Here are some of the percentage of house edges you should know about. Needless to say, the lower these percentages, the better it is for you. As mentioned above, the Pass Line, Come, Don't Pass, and Don't come bets all have a house edge of just 1.40%. There are only about 4 ways you can lose these bets. In all other ways, you gain money.

The Any 7 bet has a high house edge of about 17%. The betting on 2 or betting on 12 bets have a house edge of 13-14%. Whirl bets and horn bets both have an average house edge of 12-13%. The Yo bet and the Hi-Lo bet both have an average loss probability of 11%. Keep all these in mind before placing bets.

How to identify a good online craps game?

There are hundreds of online casinos all over the world offering online craps for you. However, not all these games are worth your time and money. If the winning odds of these games are unusually high and tempting, then stay away from them. They could be tricking you some other way. Games that have bad graphics and boring layouts are also to be avoided.

Tips to choose the right casino

Look for the licensing of the casino. If the casino is licensed, you can trust the game to be fair for the players. See the payout frequency of these casinos. Good casinos transfer your winnings to your account in a few working days. These are to be preferred. Always choose casinos that have options of a customer desk/ support team to answer all your queries.